Jennifer Kerns


Jennifer Kerns has served as Communications Consultant to California’s #1 taxpayer association, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; Spokeswoman and Communications Director for the California Republican Party; Spokeswoman for the controversial yet victorious Prop. 8 campaign; Spokeswoman for Charles and David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity in California; and Statewide Communications Director for No on Proposition 1A, defeating a $16 Billion tax increase.  She has also served on Executive Staff at the highest levels of State Government.


She has served as a key member on the following landmark endeavors:

- Spokeswoman & Communications Director for the California Republican Party (Media Director of State Convention, corralling more than 100 members of the Press Corps for state and national coverage); developed an innovative initiative to re-brand the Party

- Statewide Communications Consultant for the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association – California’s #1 taxpayers organization with more than 350,000 active members – and the leading voice on taxpayer issues and fiscal conservative ballot initiatives 

- Founding Communications Director of Charles and David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity in California (helped the organization start and establish a foothold in liberal California)

- Director of the two largest Tea Parties in the Nation, televised LIVE by FOX News (provided turn-key Event management including Advance work, Speakers, National LIVE media coordination, and Press coverage)

- Statewide Communications Director for the victorious “No on Prop. 1A” statewide ballot initiative which won by a 2-to-1 landslide margin against a measure which sought to raise taxes by $16 Billion


Kerns has also served on Executive Staff within Government, working together with a team of senior-level and executive-level staff through teamwork to accomplish a common goal:

- ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE - She served as Assistant Secretary of State, for California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, as part of the team tasked by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to “restore integrity” to the Office after previous Secretary of State Kevin Shelley resigned amid an FBI investigation.  As an Assistant Secretary of State, she assisted the Chief Deputy with strategic planning, and she served as a Statewide Spokesperson for the Secretary of State on Statewide Elections, electronic Voting systems, and new faxable ballots which made it easier for deployed Military to vote while deployed overseas. She also helped promote the 2005 historic Iraqi elections.

- CHIEF SPOKESWOMAN, CALIFORNIA INSURANCE COMMISSIONER STEVE POIZNER - Served on the Executive Staff and as Senior Press Secretary for California’s Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, the second-highest ranking statewide republican elected official. Served as Chief day-to-day Statewide Spokeswoman on Health Care, Consumer Protection, and served as the Statewide Spokesperson and on the Disaster Response team for the Wildfires in California.  She also served as Poizner’s Communications Director on his 2006 victorious campaign to become elected to the post --- defeating a sitting Lieutenant Governor, Cruz Bustamante, and even securing the endorsement of La Opinion newspaper over Bustamante when everyone said it couldn’t be done. She made the first phone call introducing Steve Poizner to the Media when he ran for State Assembly in 2004 in Silicon Valley. 

Other relevant experience:

-  Member of the Sacramento Press Club 

-  Co-Founder of the Taxpayers Caucus in the California State Legislature

-  Founder of the Taxfighters for Carly coalition, Carly Fiornia for U.S. Senate

-   Member, U.S. Navy League

-  Numerous Congressional and Mayoral campaigns throughout California

-  Prior to public service, Kerns spent six years in corporate public relations in the fields of Health Care and telecommunications

-  County Co-founder of Orange County chapter of Operation Interdependence (, an organization which has now sent more than 350,000 boxed goods and letters to U.S. troops overseas

-  Contributor to the Clinton Global Initiative in the area of Global Health

-  Former Vice President of the Orange County Young Republicans organization